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Calvary Outreach Ministries
Baton Rouge
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Baton Rouge
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Calvary Outreach Ministries is a
multi-church outreach team based in
Baton Rouge, LA. This ministry is spreading the word to displaced familes through food, music, clothing, and kids ministries. God has blessed me with the chance to serve on the worship team. I encourage you to watch the slideshows. You can make a difference in your city. Get involed at your local church and find your calling. God Bless - Dave
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Winner of the 1999 Regional Budwieser Battle of the Bands 
at Club La Vela in Panama City, Fl Vh-1's Classics channel promotion at Tipitina's
in the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA LA Jukebox Live Television Show in New Orleans, LA Walton and Johnson Radio Show in New Orleans, LA Cast and Co-ordinated the Kentucky Marching Band for a scene in the
Disney / Bruckheimer film Glory Road which should be released in 2005
Recorded live audio on-site for " Faith in the Big House " Documentary
Opening Gigs:
The Little River Band
Irma Thomas

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Dave Holeman


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